What we do at CP-Desk

We focus solely on charter parties (CPs) and are a trusted partner to owners, operators, charterers and brokers.

Here’s how:

With CP-Audit, we check your charter parties to sort out critical errors buried within re-caps and proformas. You save time and reduce risk.

With CP-Draw, we draft your charter parties on time and up to highest possible standard. You get specialists attention to your critical business documents.

With CP-Vault, we file and store your charter parties in a safe, secure and structured database. You get easy access to track, search and retrieve all your CPs.

With secure and structured work flow, we process your CPs in a few days, so you stay updated at all times with critical post-fixture activities.

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Charter parties are not just a part of our business – they are our business

Our dedicated team of ICS-qualified maritime specialists thrive on attention to detail, meticulously scouring every sentence, word, letter, number and character to find errors and enhance accuracy.

So don’t let an innocuous spelling error, typo or misplaced decimal torpedo your business.

Trust the specialists at CP-Desk to minimise and correct mistakes before they put the operation at risk.

Our Services

We review, audit and correct your charter parties and return them to you within 4 days.

A majority of contracts are never checked, completed or signed. With CP-Audit, you can be sure that the CPs contain your agreed terms:

We review, verify and track the hundreds of pages of mail correspondence, re-caps, proformas and working CPs; even if it means drafting something from scratch with little more than a few notes on a napkin, we’ll do that too.

CP-Audit is secure, meticulous and done by highly experienced team with years of domain knowledge.

See how your CP gets 4 hours of specialists attention from start to finish here.

Efficient and professional drafting of your CPs based on negotiated terms and up to industry standards.

It’s extremely time-consuming to draft charter parties even with competent in-house operations teams.

As standard practice, CPs are drawn ‘as per last’, which allows errors to flow unchecked from one charter party to the next.

Our industry specialists bring a human touch to this crucial, yet often undervalued process.

We manage the administrative work and ensure that your CPs reflect the terms of agreement correctly. And are drawn up in time.

Secure, structured filing and storage of your Charter Parties, accessible from anywhere.

Avoid misplaced files, stacks of paper and irregular name conventions. Get access to CP-Vault for easy to maintain version control in a secure online dynamic CP database.

CP-Vault allows indexing of multiple CP libraries with single search functionality. The system is easy to use, with drag-and-drop options and logical drop-down menus that allows for quick uploading of your charter parties.

Track, search & retrieve each CP and share information across your organization as and when you want.

Read more about document security here.

Your Benefits

  • Drive optimal business value
    Reduce hours spent on tasks that take up your valuable time, are low on priority, yet are essential to your business and performance.
  • Increase quality
    Get specialists attention to your CPs with our in-depth domain knowledge. Our hands-on structured processes have been refined and used for thousands of charter parties.
  • Mitigate risk
    Get diagnostics of potential issues that impact your post fixtures. Limit your exposure to time consuming and costly disputes and get a clear and solid documentation trail that meets any internal risk assessment.
  • Transparent pricing
    You don’t pay sign-on fees, you have no software to install and no retainers to commit to. You only pay for the service you need, when you need it.
  • Scale and industry standards
    Get quality assured, up to accurate industry standard CPs that are delivered according to your expected terms.
    Leverage our scale, unique resources and insight into charter party management.

We take the time out of managing the CP process, while we protect your sensitive information. Secure management of your business document is key to our business.

Read more about our security protocols here.

Before anything else, we want you to know this:

We love what we do.
By the time we are finished with your free trial CPs, you will love what we do too!

– The CP-Desk Team –

Who we serve

Owners, Operators & Charterers

We have transformed CP management for many owners, operators and charterers and relieved them for thousands of hours of monotonous, time consuming tasks.

Our customers see us as a key administration resource mitigating issues before they become a problem.

Like them, maybe you also prefer to focus on business instead?

With us, you get dedicated, highly trained maritime specialists to take your charter parties through a secure, structured and disciplined process. From start to finish, confidentially and according to agreed KPIs.


“Charter party checking and administration is often put aside to focus on more pressing operational matters. Olam chose to work with CP-Desk because of our excellent relationship with DA-Desk and the strong administrative support that they have provided for this part of our business. The quality of support we receive and the ease of integration with our existing systems enable our small team to increase effectiveness and focus on operational and not administrative matters.” (June, 2013)

Bianca Knight, Associate General Manager
Shipping & Freight at Olam


“One of the many reasons we make use of the excellent CP-Draw service is that it gives us more time to focus on fixing vessels for our local clients, rather than on charter parties. “We receive a very high standard of service and a very professional approach from the CP-Desk team. You can say that we are a satisfied customer” (July, 2013)

Jorgen Sorensen, Director/Partner
Dahl & Holmegaard A/S


Spend more of your valuable time fixing vessels than doing administrative work.

Our dedicated specialists work closely with you to ensure that your charter parties are drafted on time and accurately reflect the terms of agreement. We deliver a streamlined process that manages your sensitive business information.

You get greater accuracy, access to standard documentation, specialists oversight, and tracking to completion without adding to your fixed overhead costs.

lauritzen bulkers

Anders Liengaard, Vice President, Handy-size, at Lauritzen Bulkers
in Copenhagen explains that they decided to change their routines and start to use CP-Desk in Dubai for both legal and practical purposes. Before they signed up for CP-Desk’s services it could take anything from three months to several years to execute a charter party signed by both parties. Today, the procedure runs much faster and efficiently and they feel confident that they have done their part in minimising the risk of future disputes.

Extract from BIMCO Bulletin, 2014 VOLUME 109 #2

About us

It’s our mission to provide CP services to our clients that are unmatched in the industry.

Our team is knowledgeable, engaged and resourceful, and our integrity and commitment are unmatched. We have years of experience delivering charter party management to a wide variety of customers. We take pride in our work and make it our personal responsibility to create high-quality charter party management for you.

We believe in providing a high level of transparency, abiding by our core principles, and always communicating clearly and concisely.

We continuously seek for ways to be more efficient and we strive to push the technology envelope where we can, without losing the human touch.

Our Quality Assurance Team helps to ensure that we always deliver perfect CPs through our continuous testing process.
CP-Desk is an affiliate to DA-Desk and is founded on quality, confidentiality and compliance. Our sole focus is charter parties. We are specialists at them.

Call us today for a free trial of CP-Audit, CP-Draw or CP-Vault.

Free trial

We acknowledge that the true value of our service needs to be experienced. That’s why we offer free trials to show you how we manage charter parties. You are guaranteed a secure and confidential handling of your business documents.

See how we manage the process, how the reporting structure fits your requirements and then scale as and when you want. There is no obligation on your part.

Click here to contact us for a free trial of CP-Audit, CP-Draw or CP-Vault.

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    Marcura Platform Solutions FZE
    E7-701-710, DSO Headquarters Building,
    Dubai Silicon Oasis,
    Dubai, UAE

    Office: +971 4 363 6260
    Fax: +971 4 362 9598

    Disclaimer: CP-Desk does not render legal, financial or other professional advice.


    Managing your sensitive business information is something we take very seriously. This is evident from the way our team handles individual CP processes to the restricted access of the computers they use to manage your CPs. CP-Desk is transparent in how we manage and secure your business information.

    For CP-Vault, we use best practices for document handling and storing:

    Data Centre Security

    Your data is accessed and stored across a set of physical servers and storage systems reserved for use by CP-Vault in the private cloud, which is solely dedicated for CP-Desk and the Marcura Group. All servers and storage systems reside in our world-class, EU-based data center with high availability infrastructure ensuring 99.999% uptime.

    The hosting environment is ISO-certified and has passed stringent SSAE No. 16 audits (SOC 1 and SOC 2).

    Data Retention Security

    Our storage systems are configured in a high-availability configuration using RAID and fully redundant storage arrays. RAID allows us to recover from the loss of a storage disk. This is common and most, if not all, systems support this. However, because we understand not only the importance of security of the data and the documents that CP-Vault store on your behalf but also their accessibility, we cluster our storage in a fully redundant system. This means that our infrastructure can survive the loss of a full storage array with no loss of data and no loss of service.

    CP-Desk maintains a set of backups of the data held in the CP-Vault system. This is performed in accordance with a backup schedule, providing confidence that should data be deleted for any reason, it can be recovered from offline backups. These backups are maintained onsite in a repository that is independent of the primary storage infrastructure for a fixed period of time and additional offsite backups are maintained for geographical isolation. These failsafe processes provide confidence that our systems match our principled approach to safeguarding access to your data.


    All authentication is provided by a dedicated Authentication Server that implements best practice user authentication and password verification practices. The system does not directly store users’ passwords. This password safeguarding is recognised as best practice and ensures there is no way to recover the password from the database. This also means that if a password is forgotten, even we cannot recover it for you and it will have to be reset to a new password by your users. CP-Vault imposes a standard password complexity and expiry rule. However, if you have a specific security policy for passwords, it can be enforced on your behalf.


    Authorisation is supported to determine two things:

    •             What actions your user can perform; and

    •             What data your user can access.


    CP-Vault implements a dynamic authorisation mechanism that works in conjunction with our user Authentication service. A number of tailored roles make it possible for us to provide or restrict access to users, depending on your requirements. Access is considered both in terms of the data and documents that can be accessed and the actions that can be taken on that data.

    Our applications provide you with your own isolated virtual application instance. This ensures your data is only accessible and access only granted to your users and prevents unauthorised system users. We enforce this both at database levels, providing a double safeguard mechanism.

    Channel Security

    Channel security is provided using industry standard HTTPS SSL/TLS encryption. This ensures that the channel between the users’ browser and the CP-Vault server is encrypted before any sensitive information is exchanged. With the use of HTTPS, you can remain confident that there is no way for unauthorised people to gain access to your data and documents by eavesdropping on data exchanges.

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