CP-Desk sets a new standard for reducing risk
and managing charter party cost.

Today, in the maritime industry decreasing margins are a fact of life. Whether you are an owner, operator, charterer, or broker, you are under constant pressure to reduce costs and concentrate resources on optimising your core business.

At the same time banks, corporate owners, and other new players in the industry are demanding properly executed contracts as part of overall compliance and internal risk assessment. Just one inaccurate clause can open the door to costly damages.

CP-Desk is the only independent service provider focused solely on critical post-fixture activities. We employ a team of highly trained maritime experts who can draw up, review, verify, and track charter parties to final execution.

Our structured post-fixture review process allows you to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and better manage costs because our fees are linked directly to specific services.


We serve the interests of
owners, operators, charterers and brokers.
As an independent provider we offer services geared to the specific needs of our clients. We can review charter parties for accuracy on behalf of a charterer, owner, or operator.
We can help brokers draft charter parties based on agreed upon terms.
Are your charter parties actually leaving you at risk?

The entire charter party drafting and review process is so complex and cumbersome that a majority of contracts remain unsigned. Even signed charter parties often contain poorly drafted clauses or small mistakes that can easily change the meaning and agreed upon terms of a fixture. These oversights can open the door to costly litigation.

We offer a dedicated service with variable costs.
Because CP-Desk is focused solely on charter

parties, we can offer a streamlined process, greater accuracy, expert oversight, and tracking to completion without adding to your fixed overhead costs.

Our dedicated experts identify critical issues and details that busy in-house staff could easily miss. Because CP-Desk fees are directly linked to specific services, working with us is highly cost-effective.

Spend more time on core tasks and less on charter parties.

Drafting charter parties is an extremely time-consuming task even with efficient in-house operations teams. The challenge of obtaining standard industry documentation contributes to making the entire process so cumbersome that many contracts are never finalised, even when a voyage is completed.

CP-Desk specializes in drafting charter parties based on negotiated terms, allowing you more time for other essential tasks.

Control your costs and reduce your risk
What’s more, just one poorly drafted clause, small mistake, or even a typo can lead to costly litigation should a problem arise.

Because CP-Desk is focused solely on charter parties, we can offer a streamlined process, greater accuracy, access to standard documentation, expert oversight, and tracking to completion without adding to your fixed overhead costs.


CP-Desk is an independent company with a singular focus.

Founded in 2011, CP-Desk is the first service company to develop a charter party solution for owners, operators, charterers, and brokers.

Just as our sister company DA-Desk has improved and streamlined the disbursement account process, we are introducing a

structured, disciplined approach to charter party management.

Our singular focus and dedicated staff allow us to emphasise quality, security, confidentiality, and compliance in everything we do.




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